April Is the Time for Ant Prevention

Many people think that ants die off or go dormant in the winter, but that’s not entirely true. While they are less active and prefer to stay underground where it’s warm, they are anything but dormant. The cold winter months are when ants are colonizing. The queen is busy laying eggs, which can take up to eight weeks to develop into adults, and the worker ants spend their time feeding the larva and pupae until they are fully functioning members of the colony.

It’s imperative to deal with ants early before they have time to create a larger, more significant colony. Our treatments are effective in as little as one application, and we handle all species found in Greater Cincinnati. Call Snowball Pest Control today to schedule your ant treatment service and prevent a more significant issue down the road.

Why Is Early Ant Control Important

As ants emerge from their colony when the weather warms, they can wreak havoc on your home. Dealing with ants while they’re still under ground is by far the easiest solution because they ae all in one place. Early risers that leave the colony in search of food will bring bait back instead, killing the rest of the colony before they have time to fully emerge.

If you wait until the weather warms and the rain stops—ants retreat to their colony during the rainy season—then it becomes that much harder to tackle the problem. Once ants fully emerge to search for food and water sources, one treatment may not be enough since the ants aren’t grouped together to share the bait.

Professional Ant Treatment Works Best

While DIY ant treatment is a great added layer of protection, it isn’t nearly as effective or as safe as professional treatment. Snowball Pest Control uses the best products in the commercial market to ensure long-lasting results. Plus, these professional ant killers are safe for your lawn and family after they’re dry.

Another reason you should trust the professionals is because they have the experience necessary to handle the problem quickly and correctly. Pest control experts know which products are most effective against different ant species as well as how much product to use. They also identify other problems that you may miss, ensuring your home is fully protected.

Schedule Your Appointment for Ant Control Today

Eliminate ants before they have time to destroy your home by calling Snowball Pest Control at (859) 635-7793 today. Our pest control professionals will work with your schedule and provide a free estimate for your service before we begin. We look forward to keeping your home safe this spring and all year long!