Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Northern Kentucky

“Snowball Pest Control has treated and solved over 15,000 cases of bed bugs in the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati area with a great success rate. We take great pride knowing that we have not failed at any of our bed bug jobs. Our bed bug team is highly educated in solving your bed bug problems quickly, effectively and inexpensively. We stand by all of our work I put my name on it” John Snowball In Campbell County KY & all of Northern Kentucky our skilled technicians offer thorough bed bug inspections and efficient treatments to fix your predicament. Bed bugs can easily be transferred through clothes and through contact with others – with our services we will not only treat the problem but prevent the return of insects and pests. If you’ve tried washing or replacing mattress linens and vacuuming all around your bed, you probably realize by now these solutions will not work. To resolve the issue once and for all you need an expert service.

To ensure elimination of bed bugs, you can follow the following steps:

  • Remove blankets and sheets from bed and place them into the garbage
  • Wash your laundry and remove clutter from your bedroom
  • Using HOT water, thoroughly wash bedding and machine dry
  • Vacuum bed with a hose vacuum throughout all the seams
  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Vacuum floors and furniture daily!
  • Empty and clean night stands
  • Clean and vacuum sofas regularly

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