Effective Wasp, Hornet, and Bee Control All Summer Long

Everyone loves spending time outdoors during the summer; warm days grilling out with family, long evenings on the patio with friends, and weekends spent lounging by the pool. Do you know who else loves the summer? Wasps and hornets. Luckily for you, we’re here to help make sure your yard is protected from stinging insects all summer

Protect the Bees with Professional Bee Removal

Honey bees are great pollinators and at Snowball Pest Control in Alexandria, KY, we go above and beyond to protect them. If you have a beehive that is interfering with your ability to enjoy the summer, call us to take care of it. Our team will safely remove the beehive and relocate it to a new space away from your family.

Using sprays or pesticides on honey bees will kill the colony and it’s imperative that we protect bee populations in the Tri-State and across the country. Let our professional bee removers handle it and save the bees while protecting those you love.

Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets Once and For All

Unlike honeybees, wasps and hornets do not pollinate life-giving flowers and are a nuisance that should be dealt with immediately. While wasps and hornets do help the ecosystem by killing other insects, they reproduce quickly and can pose serious dangers to your family. There are a variety of options for wasp and hornet control solutions and we’ll dissect them to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

DIY Wasp and Hornet Solutions

Here at Snowball Pest Control, we want to help protect your family from the dangers posed by wasps and hornets. Wasps and hornets not only deliver painful stings, but if a nest is disturbed, they can attack in droves and prove fatal to small children and pets.

There are some tried-and-true methods to protecting your home against hornets and wasps including:

  • Homemade Traps: While you can purchase pre-made wasp traps, it’s far more affordable and efficient just to make one. There are many sites out there that offer instructions, but we like these. Traps are ONLY effective for single pests though, and will do nothing to get rid of the nest.
  • DIY Sprays: Apple cider vinegar mixed with sugar and water is a great wasp repellent. Whether you use it to spray wasps directly or you make a batch and leave it next to the nest, this is a great way to fight wasps. However, it does require that you get close to the nest and that can be dangerous.

Though DIY wasp and hornet killers can be effective against small nests or single hornets, we always recommend calling in a professional for large colonies. The team at Snowball Pest Removal will handle wasp and hornet treatments in no time and we’ll remove the nests to ensure your family is safe.

Why Hire a Professional for Hornet and Wasp Control

DIY treatments will never be as effective as professional wasp and hornet control from Snowball Pest Control. There are multiple reasons to hire an exterminator to get rid of wasps and hornets, including:

  • Our team will not only remove existing wasps and nests but we’ll take steps to prevent new colonies from forming.
  • Hiring us to get rid of wasp or hornet nests eliminates the risk of your family getting stung.
  • We’ll ensure that the entire colony is gone, regardless of its location. Our team can locate and eliminate nests in hard-to-reach areas in and outside of your home.

Get a Free Estimate From Snowball Pest Control Today!

Call Snowball Pest Control today for effective pest control in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our team will evaluate your wasp or hornet situation, make recommendations for preventative measures, and provide a free estimate for professional wasp removal. We look forward to helping your family make the most out of the summer!