Fall Pest Control Tips to Protect Your Home

This fall, preventing pests from ever getting into your home is the best form of pest control. At Snowball Pest Control, we know what steps it takes to protect your home against pest invasion and we want to share our knowledge with you so that you can sleep tight as the weather cools.

5 Pest Control Tips for Fall

As the days grow shorter and the weather cooler, pests seek warmer spaces . . . which means your home could be in trouble. Luckily for you, we know the right preventative measures to keep your home safe from all things creepy, crawly, and winged.

  1. Trim Trees and Bushes
    First and foremost, it’s important to minimize the access pests and rodents have to get inside your house. Cutting back over-hanging tree branches–which pests can use as a bridge to get inside your home–is a great first step to preventing fall pests from entering. We also recommend cutting back tall bushes near windows and downspouts for even better protection and storing firewood at least 20 feet away from exterior walls.
  2. Add Screens to Openings That Can’t Be Closed
    While many people think of plugging holes and filling cracks on their home’s exterior, they often forget about more obvious openings like pet doors, attic vents, and chimneys. Adding screens to any openings that can’t be sealed ensures that your home is properly protected against invasion.
  3. Keep Garbage Cans Tidy and Clean
    Just as it’s important to keep the interior of your home free of food waste and crumbs, your trash cans also deserve a closer inspection. Trash cans are a breeding ground for insects and keeping them clean is imperative to staying bug-free this fall. Make sure the trash gets picked up every week and that you routinely spray out the can to eliminate smells and food particles.
  4. Keep Basements, Attics, and Crawl Spaces Dry
    Pests love moisture! This means places like attics, crawl spaces, and basements are prime breeding grounds for unwelcome guests. Proper insulation and ventilation are crucial to keeping pests out, so you should consider using dehumidifiers in basements, attics, and garages will help keep these areas dry.
  5. Keep Up On Home Repairs
    Install door sweeps, repair or replace torn screens, and replace rotting weather stripping to keep pests out once and for all. Torn window screens and cracks around doors are ideal entry points for household pests. We recommend inspecting doors and windows early in the season to give yourself ample time to make repairs before the cold sets in.

Call the Experts at the First Sign of a Problem

These tips are great for preventing pests from entering your home, but what should you do if you’re already noticing insects or rodents in and around your home? Call Snowball Pest Control at the first sign of a pest problem this fall to stop any infestation in its tracks.

Our team handles fall pests of all types and can eliminate pests in as little as one visit. If you notice that your home has become a haven for uninvited intruders, call us immediately and we’ll be there to handle the problem.