Our Treatments

Our Treatments

An Introduction

Our treatments get to the root of your pest problem. Following your initial inspection, the experts at Snowball Pest Control will determine if the issue requires professional attention or a simpler solution. For peace of mind that comes with having a completely pest-free home or office, contact us today [link to Contact Us]. In the meantime, learn more about your treatment options:


Semi-Annual Inspection

We offer a routine pest treatment unlike any other in the industry. Backed by our 100% guarantee, we’ll solve your pest problems in all four seasons. Our Semi-Annual Inspection will solve pest problems before they start, but we’ll never charge you for services you don’t need.

Our Treatments

Exterior Treatment

The Snowball Pest Control exterior plan will leave your property clean and insect-free. We use only the safest, most effective solutions, including granular bait and liquid treatment on every window, crack, and door, so you can be sure that you get the best exterior protection possible. In addition to treating your property, we’ll provide our professional recommendation on any repairs to support pest prevention.

Our Treatments

Interior Treatment

The Snowball Pest Control interior plan will leave your home, office, or building pest-free. We use only the safest, most effective solutions, including liquid chemicals along all baseboards, cracks, and crevices, as well as bait in moisture-prone rooms. We’ll clean the premises and provide a service report and professional recommendations.

Our Treatments

Multi-Family Treatment

We have specialized in apartments and rental properties in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas since the start of our company and currently service over 35,000 units with the majority of those customers having been with us for 25 years and counting! Snowball Pest Control provides a cost-effective solution to all your pest problems.  We pride ourselves in doing our work as professionally and safely as possible for our customers. With the number of units we treat we are not just bringing our knowledge of pest control but also the knowledge of the apartment industry. We are very involved in both the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky property association as well as the Dayton area association.  We also serve on other committees that keep us updated and informed on the state and national levels. We have made pest control more cost efficient and safer for you and your residents by being compliant not just with Kentucky and Ohio law but with even higher standards. We are committed to making your community or communities, pest free for as long as you stay with us.  We offer a no contract program so if at any time you are dissatisfied you can move on. This is also a great incentive to keep us on our toes!

We take pride in offering our 90-Day Pest Control Protection Plan:

All units and all pests under the rotation plan will be covered for as along as you stay on the plan at no extra cost, excluding bed bugs.

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