Rodents Control

Rodents Control is extremely important to keep your home healthy and safe. Rodent sightings are very common as the weather changes. Rats and mice and their friends like to seek warmth and food in the cold winter months and cool in the hot summer.  These pests can fit through an opening in your home the size of a dime. That’s all the area they need to wreak havoc on your belongings. Rodents can also be a problem in rural settings where livestock or pet food is available. And sometimes they like to set up shop right in the middle of suburbia. They go where the food is so be vigilant in making sure all food sources are sealed properly and contained safely.

If you see any of the common signs below and need rodents control, give us a call and we can identify the pest and come up with the best extraction plan.  


Signs of rodents:

Droppings- These pellets are often left behind in places where food is stored or chewed paper, cardboard, or baseboards.  Rodent droppings can spread disease and ruin your belongings. If you see droppings this is a tell tale sign you have an invader!

Gnaw Marks- Rodents can cause serious harm to your structure and all the belongings in it.  They can chew through most materials, including plastic and lead pipes. House mice and Norway rats have been known to gnaw through electrical wires causing catastrophic damage.

Nests- Rodents like the dark.  Look for them in spaces behind storage boxes, quiet areas and places where there is little disturbance to find their hiding spots.

Tracks or rub marks- Rodents like to leave a trail.  They tend to have a track that takes them from the nest to the food source and as they travel, they can leave a dark path that can look like oil rub.  This is actually a residue from their oily fur that they leave as they travel back and forth.

Strange noises- If you hear unexplained shuffling around your pantry, basement or garage… you likely have an unwanted friend visiting.  


If you happen to notice any of the above clues in your residence, give us a call for quick and effective removal!

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