There are hundreds of different species of spiders in Kentucky and Cincinnati areas. We are only going to go over the most popular and the most dangerous.  The word spider sends fear down the spine of many people and really should not. They are very beneficial and more often than not, not dangerous to humans or pets.

Harmful and Dangerous

Brown Recluse Spider

One spider found in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati and much of the Midwest that is potentially dangerous if you find yourself bitten by one,  is the brown recluse. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘violin’ or ‘fiddleback’ spider because of the violin-shaped marking on its dorsum. Although brown recluse spider bites are rare, the venom can sometimes cause serious wounds and infestations and should be taken seriously.

Things you can do to protect yourselves from a brown recluse bite:

  • Any clothing stored should be dried before putting on
  • Knock out boots or shoes you haven’t worn in awhile
  • Be extra cautious around fire wood piles
  • Shake gloves inside out before working in the garden

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