Ah, spring is FINALLY in the air and warm weather is right around the corner. While you’re looking forward to planting your flower beds, airing out your home, and spring cleaning after a long winter, termites are gearing up for their big debut and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Here at Snowball Pest Control, we’ll tell you what to look out for and how to fight termite swarms before they have a chance to damage your home.

How to Spot Termites

First things first: It’s important to know when termite season begins and what to look for. Termites are subterranean insects that feed on wood to survive and grow their colony. Unlike ants and other insects, they can’t crawl on the ground and instead burrow through mud tubes to their source of food. If a colony is on your property, that food source is likely your home, barn, or garage.

While mud tubes are one way to know you have a termite problem, this is a late-stage sign and indicates that your structure is already infested. Only a trained pest control expert can tell you how bad the problem is and through injecting termiticide into the ground along the foundation, beneath concrete slabs, and within foundation walls, eliminate the colony.

A better way to detect termites is to look for swarmers. Termite swarmers emerge in the spring or summer, when rain has saturated the ground and temperatures reach about 70 degrees. Adolescent females release mating pheromones to attract the males and, once mated, set off to find a nest location where they will form a new colony. The mating process includes shedding their wings, a sure sign of a problem is to see termite wings around windows or in warm, well-lit areas.

When Is Termite Season?

Termite season begins in the spring when the weather reaches about 70 degrees and it lasts through the summer. New colonies are forming during this time and mature colonies are seeking food sources to expand their nesting ground. During this time, you may see swarmers, discarded wings, mud tubes, pellets, and other signs that show you have a termite infestation.

When to Call a Termite Control Expert

If you think you have a termite problem, it’s important to call Snowball Pest Control immediately. The longer you ignore it, the more damage termites will cause to your home or business and the more expensive it will be to repair the destruction.

Snowball Pest Control will evaluate your property and create a custom treatment plan designed to stop termites in their tracks. We’ll thoroughly investigate all areas of your property to locate infected areas and provide treatment to kill the colony and prevent future infestation. Call us today at (859) 635-7793 to schedule your spring termite treatment and protect your property once and for all.