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Year-Round Termite Control in the TriState Area

Eliminate termites once and for all with the help of Snowball Pest Control. Serving all of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, we deliver effective termite control solutions that protect your property all year long. Call us today for a free estimate and see why we’re the best choice for fast, affordable termite extermination.

Why We’re the Right Choice for Termite Extermination

Choosing a termite control company doesn’t have to be a hassle; we make the process fast and easy! When you work with us, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits, including:

● Free Inspections

● Free Exterior Service

● 1-Year Guarantee

● Combination Attack That Includes Termiticides and Bait Stations

Plus, unlike other termite control companies, our traps are equipped to deliver year-round treatments, ensuring you’re always protected. This eliminates the need for seasonal checkups and saves you time and money. With more than 26 years of experience in the field and thousands of jobs completed, we’ve proven ourselves to be the right choice for effective, convenient termite control.

A Free Termite Inspection Can Save Your Home

Opting for a termite inspection at the first sign of a problem ensures that your home is well protected against costly structural damage. Annually, termites cause more than 5-billion dollars in damages to homes across the US and most insurance companies DO NOT cover termite damage because pest control is your responsibility as a homeowner.

A free termite inspection from Snowball Pest Control is a sure-fire way to prevent this from happening to you. Our pest control experts will deliver a thorough examination of your property to determine if a colony is present and we’ll provide complete termite treatments to get rid of them once and for all.


How to Identify a Termite Infestation

Spring is a prime-time for termite infestations and knowing what to look for is imperative to defending your home against an attack. If you notice any of the following signs, call us immediately for a termite inspection.


  • Swarming Ant-Like Insects: Called female reproductive swarmers, these flying insects resemble ants and can appear in the hundreds. If you notice swarmers on your property, chances are you have termites that have moved into your yard from an underground nest.
  • Termite Tubes: Easily identified due to their distinctive appearance (they resemble stalagmites or long, sandy tunnels) termite mud tubes are a dead giveaway of an infestation. You’ll find these along the perimeter of your home as well as in your garage and/or basement.

Comprehensive, Safe Termite Treatment

At Snowball Pest Control, we know what it takes to effectively eliminate termites. That’s why we utilize a combination termite treatment that kills the existing colony and prevents future infestations.

First, we will do a targeted termite treatment using termiticide that will kill existing termites within 90 days. This treatment uses far fewer gallons than other termiticides, reducing risk of exposure to pets and family members.

Next, we’ll install baiting stations around the perimeter of your home to prevent reinfestation and kill any stragglers that may be outside the nest searching for food. These stations are always active and they’re equipped to protect your home for years to come. They’re also fully contained, making them safe for the environment.

Call us today at 859-635-7793 for a free termite inspection and see why Snowball Pest Control is the local choice for termite treatments!

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