Winter Pest Control FAQ

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to pest control. While many people think pests are only a problem in the warmer months, we at Snowball Pest Control know that it’s important to protect your home year-round. We’re here to banish the misconceptions around pest control in winter by answering some of the questions we hear on a regular basis from our customers.

Q: Is Pest Control Really Necessary During the Winter?

A: 100% yes! Not only do pests like mice and cockroaches find their way indoors during the winter months, but many pest control measures need to be applied quarterly to be effective. If you skip out on winter pest control application, you could be opening yourself up to infestation in the spring.

Q: What Parts of the House Are Treated in the Winter?

A: Winter pest treatment focuses on the interior of the house, especially the attic. Many pests, including cluster flies, boxelder bugs, and carpenter ants, hide out and remain dormant in attics until warmer weather arrives.

In the spring, these pests will invade your property and eradicating them requires extensive treatment. Dusting attic areas during the cold seasons will keep these pests out of your home, avoiding having to deal with them as spring approaches.

Q: What Pests Are Common in Winter?

A: Many pests seek warmth in the winter, including rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and more. Plus, autumn insects like wasps and yellow jackets might have taken up residence in your attic to escape the cold. If they’ve built a nest, our team will remove it to ensure your family is protected.

Q: How Does Snowball Pest Control Prevent Winter Pest Issues?

A: First, we’ll evaluate your home for any changes that have happened since our last visit. Our team will look for new points of entry as well as any signs of infestation and, if we find any openings, we’ll discuss with you how best to proceed and we’ll seal the openings to keep pests outside. We’ll also treat the interior of the home for spiders, house centipedes, silverfish, and more.

Q: What Else Do Exterminators Look for in the Winter?

A: One thing many homeowners don’t think about is the insects that infiltrate walls for warmth. Carpenter ants are notorious for lying dormant in walls or attics while its cold, only to become active in the spring when they will lay eggs, forage, and expand their colony throughout your home.

Our team will look for signs of pests and treat the walls to kill anything we find. By taking care of the problem early, you’ll ensure that your home is pest-free this spring.

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