Many people think of the winter months as a pest-free time of year, but Snowball Pest Control knows there are plenty of pests that simply look to go inside to escape the cold. While many insects–such as stinging pests and mosquitoes–die off or go inactive in the winter, rodents enter homes in search of warmth and food.

If you’re hearing scratching in the walls of your home or seeing pellets in cabinets, chances are you have a rodent infestation. If not remedied quickly, rodents can pose a danger to your family and spell disaster for your home.

How to Tell If You Have Mice

As mentioned above, scratching in the walls and pellets are a sure sign that you have rodents, but they aren’t the only signs to look out for. While these two signs are usually the first indication of a problem, there are a few other things to look out for to know for sure if you have rodents in the house.

  1. Pet Indication: If your cat or dog is paying particular attention to a specific place under your cabinets or near specific places in the wall, there’s a good chance that it’s due to mice. Pets have much better hearing than we do and are naturally curious, so if they are alerted to something unseen, it’s a good idea to pay attention.
  2. Grease Rubs: Rodents secrete an oil from their skin that keeps their coats healthy and shiny. This grease collects on floors and walls on their route and is visible to the naked eye. If you notice oily residue near places where they can get in and out, it’s a good sign that rodents are entering your home.
  3. Tracks: This one really only applies to those of us with solid-surface flooring, but it’s a dead giveaway that you have rodents. Floors collect dirt and dust quickly, even if you’re an avid cleaner, and if you see tracks, then you know you have mice.
  4. Damage to Food Packaging or Furniture: This one is easy: you open your pantry or cabinets and notice nibbles taken out of boxes. Yep, you have mice. You’ll likely also find droppings in these same areas since it’s their food source.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important that you call Snowball Pest Control immediately for rodent removal. Not only will we get rid of the current infestation, but we’ll help you identify their entry points so that you can prevent them from coming inside in the future.

Why You Need Professional Rodent Removal

Many people think that having a mouse or two in their home isn’t a big deal. You buy a couple of humane traps, catch the little critters, and release them back into the wild. That’s fine in theory, but where you see one or two, there may be a nest somewhere with babies that you know nothing about. Plus, traps don’t help you identify entry points.

Professional pest control services for rodents are necessary for both of these reasons. We can help you seal entry points and we know where to look for nests, ensuring that the problem is dealt with correctly right from the start.

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The bottom line is that if you have rodents in your home, it’s best to call in the professionals. Snowball Pest Control has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for years and we have the right solution for all rodent infestations. Call us today at (859) 635-7793 to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate today!